Medic Panic!

Non-violent, fast-paced, wildly innacurate, health-themed action arcade game with 14 levels.

© 2015 — 2020, Gato D
© 2016 — 2020, Mesmerize Games

You’re Dr. Hilton, and your shift on the hospital just got crazy when Mr. Kent, a millionaire philanthropist, announces he wants to come for a visit!

This could mean finally having funds, but the hospital is a mess! Recently, a virus outbreak is making everyone on the building sick. Add roaming animals on the floors and reckless porters running on the aisles and you have a recipe for chaos. Surely you can’t present the hospital like that!

Fortunately for you, you count with the help of your friends: Dr. Belmont, a skilled chemist that developed an almost-miraculous vaccine that can cure almost anything on one dose, and Nurse Morris, who’s eagerly waiting to supply you with more vaccines as you call for her!

Put some order on the hospital and get that funding!

Developed by Gato D
Original concept by Mathias Urzúa
Sound & SFX by PCUSER
Special thanks to Kid MarsCat

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